Dr. Bazlee MatzainProduction Technology Advisor

    Dr Matzain is a Petroleum Engineering with over 25 years of experience in oil and gas industry, specializing in flow assurance. He received his PhD in multiphase flow and waxes deposition modelling, and was part of the Tulsa University Fluid Flow project team which developed the wax deposition model now included in OLGA transient multiphase flow simulator. His experience includes various flow assurance issues such as multiphase flow and dynamic simulations, waxes, hydrates, asphaltenes, corrosion, sand transports as well as studies involving fluid phase behaviour, fluids modelling and laboratory analysis and fundamental research into various flow assurance topics. He was involved in numerous concept-select, Pre-FEED and FEED type studies for several operators and troubleshooting, field operation and optimization type studies for fields of various sizes.

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