Abhijit BarhateBusiness Development Manager

Abhijit Barhate completed Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and holds Master’s degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from University of Western Australia. An entrepreneur by spirit and a perceptive by nature, he has a combined 11+ years of field, design and modeling experience in full life cycle of oil and gas field development, from drilling and exploration to start up. He successfully completed the readiness and technical integrity of Brownfield facilities for start-up and ongoing operations and performed FEED studies of Greenfield projects such as Browse, Equus.

As a senior consultant, he provided his expertise to flow assurance, process engineering, drilling operations, drilling fluids systems and solutions, thermal hydraulics modeling and well engineering while working with companies like, Baker Hughes, Woodside Energy Limited, Wood Group Kenny, Shell, Hess in Australia, STOS in New Zealand.

Abhijit is passionate about assisting operators in predicting drilling issues, mitigating risks, reducing Non-Productive-Time and drilling costs by using innovative modelling tools. Infact he had won awards for successfully conducting risks and hazards free managed pressure drilling operations for HPHT and depleted wells. His vision of providing ‘One Stop Shop’ solution to drilling and production operations, lead to starting of ‘Aumkar Oil and Gas’ a drilling services and consulting company. Now actioning on the business plan for Drill Insight are keeping him busy and happy!

FEED Studies:

  • Hess Equus
  • Browse FLNG for Shell
  • Greater Enfield for Woodside Energy Limited

Engineering, Start-up, and Ongoing Operations:

Vincent Transition Project, NR2 Project, Cossack Pioneer FPSO Re-development Project by using OKHA FSO at Woodside Energy Limited.

Offshore Field experience in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Woodside: Pluto Development. Rig name: Atwood Eagle. Well name: Pluto-03, Pluto-04
  • Nexus Energy: Rig name- Sedco703; Apache: Rig name-Ocean Patriot
  • Hess Australia: Jack Bates. Well name: Rimfire, Toporoa, Dunlop, Lightfinger, etc.
  • STOS New Zealand: Managed Pressure Drilling. Well name: KA-17, KA-18
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