Strategic Partner

Advance Drilling Technology

Real-time Drilling Optimisation

Sekal AS is an international technology company offering uniquely powerful software systems and expertise for real-time dynamic monitoring and integrated drilling process automation in the oil and gas industry. We are a pioneer in shaping the future of Drilling Technology.

Sekal was established in 2011 with the aim of producing commercial products based on technologies developed by the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS). Today, Sekal is a collaborative venture between Statoil, Saudi Aramco, SåkornInvest, and IRIS. Our advanced drilling technology is the result of more than 20 years of development.

Drill Insight is our Exclusive partner in Australasia Region for developing business and delivering the Real-time drilling optimisation services.

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Reservoir Engineering & IPM Services

Sub-surface Enegineering

Browse Energy is an independent oil and gas engineering company, based in Perth, Australia. We provide a wide range of consulting services to support oil and gas companies.

The services are broadly be described as follows:

  • Integrated Production Modelling from Reservoir to Delivery Point;
  • Reservoir Engineering and Simulation;
  • Conceptual and Detailed Well Completion Design;
  • Feasibility Study and Economic Analysis

We specialize in delivering oil and gas technical and commercial studies. We are committed to provide our clients with a high-quality innovative solution and assist them to make a better decision.

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Drilling, Geomechanics, Reservoir & Offshore Engineering


Choate Technology Services Ltd is a Cambridge UK based consulting firm providing expertise in drilling, geomechanics, reservoir and offshore engineering. Founded in 1998 by former Shell Research Engineer Dr Paul Choate, as of April 2018 CTS is collaborating with Drillinsight in the following areas of business in the APAC and ME regions:

  • Using and further refining advanced well planning and simulation tools for proving the feasibility of drilling and completing challenging ERD and HPHT wells, establishing conditions for well control and real time drilling performance optimisation and assessing the capabilities of novel drilling technologies.
  • Providing advice on borehole integrity issues, both during drilling and throughout production, using in house developed analytical models for predicting formation breakdown pressure and borehole instability defined by shear and spalling failure modes.

Subsea & Marine Engineering

Subsea & Marine Engineering

Nobleseas Engineering is an Australian owned Perth based independent engineering consultancy, specialize in providing high value design consultancy in the field of subsea, pipelines, field development and marine engineering.

We combine our work processes, technical competencies and strategic alliances to cover project delivery for all phases.

Our services are as follows:

  • Subsea, Pipelines and Structures
    ✓ Pipeline system engineering and analysis;
    ✓ SURF and mooring line configuration analysis;
    ✓ Transportation and installation analysis;
  • Field Development Studies
    ✓ Financial investment analysis;
    ✓ 2D/3D modeling and drafting;
    ✓ Process modeling and flow assurance;
  • Marine Engineering
    ✓ Naval Architecture
    ✓ Structural design
    ✓ Marine systems design

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