Presenting Real-time Drilling Optimisation at SPE WA

Is Drilling Optimisation the topmost technical and corporate goal/challenge of your organization? Looking beyond the traditional approach of collecting real-time data only for monitoring the operation! Is proactive drilling high on your priority? Explore the real-time solution which anticipates drilling events and avoids delays caused by issues such as pore hole cleaning, torque, and drag, swab and surge, stuck pipe, lost circulation, formation damage, and wellbore instability!

A Unique state of the art ‘Real-time Drilling Optimisation’ solution creates a dynamic, real-time picture of the entire wellbore and key drilling variables/parameters using advanced, tightly coupled Thermodynamic, Hydraulic, and Mechanical (THM) drilling models & trend analysis application to anticipate potential drilling issues in real-time while drilling. The solution can also be used to perform ‘what-if’ scenarios and ‘look-ahead’ simulations of a drilling operation with the purpose to analyze the outcome of alternative operating scenarios.

Drill Insight is presenting a unique physics-based Real-time Drilling Optimisation concept at SPE WA on 18/04/2018. Register your place and explore the innovative concept to meet the technical & commercial goals of upcoming drilling campaign.