Partnering with Innovative Technology Provider Sekal AS

Drill Insight has entered into a partnership with Norwegian Innovative Drilling Technology provider Sekal AS for business development and delivering the DrillScene based Real-time Drilling Optimisation Services in APAC region. The exclusive partnership in Australasia region enables Drill Insight to promote and deliver the DrillScene services in collaboration with highly skilled Sekal AS team.

Sekal AS Monitor and Analyse the drilling operation globally on behalf of their clients from Real-Time Operation Center (RTOC) in Stavanger, Norway. This partnership provides an opportunity for Drill Insight to provide a platform for developing the knowledge base in Australasia region and deliver the quality innovative technology-based services to the local oil companies. Sekal As will have the leverage to utilize the client network of Drill Insight to introduce the Real-time Drilling Optimisation Services based on DrillScene.

We are quite excited on the partnering with technology savvy service provider and will bring the relationship to level with the emerging E&P Australian Oil & Gas market.