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Well Engineering

Well Planning & Engineering

The drilling operation is highly dynamic in nature. In the current drilling scenario, where the operational margins are narrowing down with increased complexity, transient simulation of wellbore condition and Thermal and Hydraulic Analysis are imperative and strategically important for planning and efficient drilling performance as well as optimum wellbore design.

Real-time Drilling Optimisation

Our advanced THM modelling solution creates a dynamic, real-time picture of the entire wellbore by interfacing real-time data with advance drilling models. These models continuously assess drilling performance, borehole conditions, and associated risks based on real-time symptom detection. The delivered improved understanding of drilling operation enable operator to detect incipient drilling problems and take preventive action. The result is more consistent and more efficient drilling.

Real time Dynamic Modeling of Wellbore - Drill Insight
Well Integrity Assurance

Well Production Engineering

We provide bespoke engineering solutions to meet field development plans, lifecycle well integrity and production requirements. Our Well Completion & Commissioning Services provide the efficient well operation insight with best of well Integrity assurance.

Well Operation Optimisation

Prototyping the wellbore condition and well performance by dynamic modelling reveal the realistic picture of operation and performance which enable the operator to optimise well deliverable.

Well Operation Optimisation

Field Development

We develop a range of subsea development scenarios covering different subsea design options based on Flow assurance analysis. Over services will provide the first insight for concept screening, analysing the feasibility of potential concepts and in-house pre-feed design of Field development of selected concepts.

Subsea Decommissioning & Well Plugging and Abandonment

Drill Insight delivers consulting services during Subsea Decommissioning Planning phase. We prepare a decommissioning plan by analyzing all possible options in accordance with minimising risk at ALARP level, meeting international, national and local compliance and regulation for subsea structures and wells. We also assist our clients in getting all regulatory approvals from concerns regulation. We also perform a technical review of a decommissioning plan as an independent consultant. Drill Insight prepares the comparative Assessment report for subsea decommissioning and Well P&A.

Subsea Decommissioning - Drill Insight