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Our Story

History of Drill Insight goes back to Year 2015. Throughout our last 5 years of global operation, Drill Insight has become a trusted service provider to oil and gas industry delivering Well Engineering, Drilling Engineering and Production Engineering services. With a humble beginning of providing offset well review, concept selection, Drill Insight has now delivered services related to casing design & verification, well integrity, risk assessment, drilling engineering, real-time drilling optimisation and production technology. This is evident by a comprehensive client base and growing pool of worldwide Master Service Agreements.

Model driven Decision Support
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Pre-drilling, while-Drilling, post-drilling & Production Technology

Drill Insight

vision – Drill Insight
mission – Drill Insight


To be the global and best-in-class exploration and production consulting company while delivering innovative value added solutions through superior business performance and partnerships


To make a difference to the Oil and Gas Industry through our collaborative team of professionals performing with excellence integrity and Innovation while providing insights into the continuous performance improvement

Core Values

Integrity: We are impeccable with our commitments.
Collaborative: We integrate Right People, Best Technology and Efficient Practices.
Excellence: We deliver beyond expectations.

experts executing the excellence

Our Skilled Professionals always deliver customer satisfaction.

Team of Professionals

  • Abhijit Barhate Business Development Manager

    Abhijit Barhate completed B. Chem.Eng (Hons) and holds Master’s degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from University of Western Australia. An entrepreneur by spirit and perceptive by nature he has a combined 11 years of a field, design, and modelling experience in full life cycle of oil and gas field development, from drilling and exploration to start up while working with companies like, Woodside, Shell, Hess. He had won awards for successfully conducting risks and hazards free managed pressure drilling operations for HPHT and depleted wells. He also performed FEED studies of Greenfield projects such as Browse, Equus. Abhijit is passionate about assisting operators in predicting drilling issues, reducing Non-Productive-Time and drilling costs by using innovative modelling tools. Now actioning as per the vision for Drill Insight are keeping him busy and happy!

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Drilling Advisor

    Tony, an experienced Drilling Advisor. has been working in the oilfield since 1985 in many roles. He started professional life as reservoir analyst, MWD/LWD engineer in the eighties until the early nineties in Australasia, Middle East, and Asia before joining Sperry Sun. He worked on operation management in SE Asia for 5 years working on technical, operational and commercial issues before returning to Australia to be Regional Rotary Steerable Manager as part of the Global team to organise the distribution of equipment, people and technology. While working in the Regional Rotary Steerable role he began to get involved with Drilling Optimisation to evaluate the performance of the Rotary Steerable tools in various locations for multiple clients. In 2008 Tony moved to Denver in the USA to take up the role of Rotary Steerable Manager and also get involved with Drilling Optimisation and worked on challenging projects in the major Shale plays in North America. He spent time training personnel in all of the districts and also assisted the global team in training ADT engineers and Drilling Optimisation engineers.

    He returned to Australia and started working on the Well and Drilling Engineering worked on several challenging drilling projects in Ukraine and Australia. He worked as the Country Manager for Premium Casing Services in New Zealand for a year and established a business effectively and efficiently before moving to Haliburton in Australia where he worked on drilling mechanics of challenging Coal Seam Gas wells.

    Tony Joined Drill Insight In late 2019. He has completed a Drilling Advisory project for Chevron Australia.

  • Alan Rule
    Alan Rule Well Engineer & Drilling Advisor

    Alan graduated with a honours degree in applied science and started work in the North Sea as a logging geologist. After a couple of years he moved into Data Engineering and found that he enjoyed data analysis and interpretation. He spent 10 years as a data engineer in the North Sea, South China Sea, South America and Australia. He consciously looked for a change and moved into measurement and logging while drilling (M/LWD). He ran various real-time tools from directional only to quad combos in mud motor and rotary steerable assemblies.

    As it was logical thing to do, Alan further moved from M/LWD (data collection) into drilling optimisation (data analysis and interpretation). He worked in real-time drilling optimisation in Malaysia and Perth. When an opportunity arose, he had gotten into a Landmark modelling role specialising in WellPLAN and Compass. Excited by the rapid innovation in drilling technologies such as real-time drilling optimisation, he expressed his interest to join Drill Insight team and subsequently got selected in Dec 2019. Now that he had gone a thorough world class training in Norway for 6 weeks, he has been assisting Drill Insight team to provide services to current clients, including running replays for historically challenging wells to improve performance of upcoming wells.

Advisory Team

  • Stewart Bayford
    Stewart Bayford Exploration Advisor

    Stewart is a geophysicist with thirty nine years technical and managerial experience in the oil and gas industry working mainly with operating majors including Conoco, Western Mining Corporation, Eni and Dana Gas.  Sixteen years overseas experience was gained in a variety of expatriate locations including the UK, Egypt, USA, New Zealand and Nigeria working the local basins.  He has all the technical experience necessary to evaluate hydrocarbon potential. He has gained much experience in seismic acquisition and processing and his 2D and 3D seismic interpretation skills are highly proficient using Landmark, Kingdom and Petrel.  He has a hands on team oriented attitude with good written and oral communication skills.

  • Lindsay Bundesen
    Lindsay Bundesen Drilling Advisor

    Forty years experienced Senior Drilling Engineer / Superintendent / Manager with dual careers of Drilling and HSE Management in 11 countries. After a BEng Hons and 18 months with Texaco USA, Lindsay spent six years with them in Aberdeen, on exploration and platform drilling, then Subsea Project Team Leader. He transferred into WAPET in Perth, spending 10 years as SDE / Drilling Supt on and offshore before 5.5 years in EHS. Lindsay then spent five years consulting around Australia and NZ before working in Iran for two years as resident Drilling Manager. He spent 10yrs at Oil Search Ltd as Drilling Support Supt in PNG, company-wide as Drilling Risk Manager then Drilling Superintendent in Kurdistan. Since retiring from OSL Lindsay has worked part-time on Kurdistan projects.

    Lindsay’s key skills include all aspects of drilling project management, HSES and Emergency Management and documentation and technical problem-solving including investigations.

Consulting Team of Associates

Drill Insight’s Consulting Team of  Associates have over 200 years of cumulative experience in Drilling, Exploration and Well Completion. Our team comprises of

Drilling Engineers

Well Engineering Specialists

Real-time Drilling Optimisation Specialists

Flow Assurance Engineers

Production Technologist

Well Control and Contingency Specialist

Well Completion Engineers

RTOC Specialists

Field development Advisors

Reservoir Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

Drill Insight

Drill Insight is a specialist consulting company offering Model Driven Decision Support services. We offer customised, high-valued services in the form of Well Planning & Engineering, Well Completion & Commissioning, Well Operation Optimisation, and Field Development by collaborating Innovative technology, skilled professionals, and reliable practices. We add value in optimising drilling operation, enhancing well engineering & Integrity, optimising of well performance by providing insight of operation and asset to improve safety and efficiency and reduce the risk and non-Productive time (NPT).

We are a neutral technology provider and deliver the technical consulting services using client preferred or fit-for-purpose technology. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients in decision support by offering the best technology available, integrating clients preferred technology and highly skilled people and embracing best practices.

Model Driven Decision Support is an augmented service based on two key segments; Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical (THM) Analysis of Drilling Operation and Transient multiphase Simulation of Wellbore.  Our Dynamic THM modelling provides insight of drilling operation to derive efficient well plan and design. The Transient Multiphase Simulation offers a variety of well modelling and transient simulation covering wellbore control and contingency to Well testing to well operation Optimisation, including insight of multiphase behaviour to analysing Flow Assurance aspects, to ensure the integrity of the well over its life cycle.